The Millwall Bushwackers are one of London's most vicious firms, and represent the South London Soccer Club Millwall F.C., a team that plays in the Football League Championship, which is in the second tier of English football. They refer to themselves as the Bushwackers after the American Civil and Revolutionary War bushwackers. These bushwackers used guerrilla warfare and raided and ambushed the enemies and their families. Millwall has been featured in many football films, and has garnered a reputation as being ruthless and rowdy. They even have a weapon named after them: The Millwall Brick, which is a improvised newspaper used to bash rival firms. It has grown popular due to the quick ease at which it can be made, and also keeps it from being confiscated before the game. Officers eventually got suspicious, but the firm learned to carry tabloids, as they looked more typical of a newspaper someone would be bringing in to a match. One of their biggest enemies is West Ham United; there has been a rivalry for a long time. The club was founded in 1885 by dock workers at C& E Morton factory by the Thames River in Bermondsey. They started to make their name known, and, after a game in Oxford, where the Millwall Boys (as they were called) practiced overly aggressive behavior, and it was tolerated by society. They learned that they could take their violence further, and it would have no real repercussions at the time; they were still permitted into the games. In January 1988 when Millwall was knocked out of the FC Cup by Arensal, 41 of the Millwall boys were arrested after clashing with Arensal frim The Herd. The Millwall Boys had essentially made a new sport, and were constantly in the papers. This always made them the biggest target for the other firms; everyone wanted to take them down.