London, with a population near 8 million people, is the capital of England and also of the greater compilation of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland known as the UK. London is one of the world's leading tourist destinations; approximately 30 million international visitors come per year to see the beautiful attractions. In London, the main modes of transportation are walking, taking the tube, which is a subway, and riding the bus; however, the main way to get around is the London Bus. This red double decker bus has become an icon for London. Tourists can pay for a bus tour in which they are able to see and explore the city. Another one of London's main icons is Big Ben. Big Ben is the nickname given to the bell in the clock tower in the Palace of Westminster.
Big Ben

London is known worldwide for its tourist attractions. One of the main museums found here is the British Museum, which holds over seven million exhibits about London, Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Another major museum that can be found in greater London, or to be exact, in Kensington, is the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is known for art and design. There are over 4.5 million objects in the museum.

British Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum

London is not only about museums; there are also cultural and historical attractions like the Buckingham Palace. Tourists can take tours through the Palace where London’s royalty has lived and still currently resides. When the Queen is in residence, there are four Foot Guards at the building entrance. While she is away from the Palace, there are only two. An interesting fact about these guards is that they are not able to laugh or smile.

Buckingham Palace

London is also known for their nightlife. There are a number of bars, pubs, and clubs as well as places to go to see comedy and performing arts shows. Within all the museums and Palaces, London has an amazing culture. Being considered the culture capital of the world, London is largely known for its museums, music, festivals, and arts among other things. It is estimated that over 200 festivals happen within one year. The city is over 800 years old and has miles of rich historical legacy. There are countless historic buildings to see, perhaps over 40,000. London is also known for its libraries which hold over 17 million books. Not to mention that London is home to 85% of the UK fashion designers. Partially attributed to the large fashion emphasis in London, the streets seem to be filled with a variety of shops that appeal to a large audience.

In addition, there are many interesting cities that surround London. Cambridge is a college town that is only 50 miles north of London, and is home to one of the top ranked universities, University of Cambridge, which was founded in 1209. In 1848, the University of Cambridge came up with the first set of rules for soccer. The football club with the largest following in Cambridge is Cambridge United F.C and they play in Abbey Stadium.

Another city that is nearby is Milton Keynes, which is approximately 49 miles northwest from London. In Milton, there is a path called Redway System which provides 125 miles of paths for walking or biking. Another key component to Milton's culture is the theater. In fact, there is one theater that holds 65 thousand people and there are also at least 4 other theaters available for smaller events. Milton also has a soccer team, Milton Keynes Dons F.C, as well as several other sports teams including ice hockey, basketball, and motor-racing.

Overall, London is a busy city with a variety of things to see and do such as visit museums, festivals, historical attractions, and shopping attractions among other things. The people in London are very friendly and outgoing. If you ever have the chance to visit London, chances are that you will meet people that speak different languages as well as people that have different backgrounds and culture.