"Inspire a Generation"
The 2012 Summer Olympics will take place in London, England at Olympic Stadium. The games will begin with the opening ceremony on July 27 and wrap up on August 12. London was selected as the host city in 2005 beating out competing sites such as Moscow, New York City, Madrid and Paris. The city of London has a long history with the Olympics and will become the first to officially host the Olympics 3 times; 1908, 1948 and 2010. Roughly 10,500 athletes are to participate from more than 165 nations. There will be 26 Olympic and 19 Paralympic sports leading the way for 302 events. 31 competition venues will generate around 500,000 spectators per day. It is estimated that 350,000 of these spectators will be foreigners. As for ticket sales, 9.6 million tickets were made available for purchase (8 million for Olympic games and 1.6 million for Paralympic games).

The two main organizations that played an instrumental role in delivering the London 2012 games are the London Organizing Committee of Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Limited (LOCOG) and the Olympic Delivery Authority. The main theme for the games this summer is to focus on sustainability. The key is to minimize waste and emissions, encourage healthy living and promote biodiversity all while making an inclusive and accessible experience for all. The LOCOG has the core responsibility of planning, funding, preparation and staging the games. Olympic Delivery Authority oversees the development and building of the new venues and follows up on their use after. Long-term benefits are supported by the stakeholders, funders, and commercial partners. Interestingly, £2.2 billion used to create Olympic Park comes from National Lottery funds. Over the past three years, these organizations have put their funds to use by utilizing 2.5sq km of land located in east London to transform an industrial land into the backdrop of the olympics and Olympic Park. Included in Olympic Park is Olympic Village which will serve as home to 16,000 athletes.
The London Tube (the city's transit system) has created a limited edition and commemorative map to honor some of the world's past and present athletes. Each stop will be assigned the name of a significant athlete. The London economy is expected to grow by $80 million by 2015 due in large part to the summer games. Keep in mind the current population of London is roughly 8 million. Not only will the economy see a monetary economic growth, but Olympic Park is estimated to produce 12,000 new jobs.


The official London 2012 mascots have been comically referred to as "two parts-Teletubby, one part lavalamp." Wenlock (right) is the mascot for Olympic games and Mandeville (left) is the mascot for the Paralympic games. These mascots have been receiving lots of attention worldwide.

Once the games are done, facilities will be "deconstructed" and relocated to several locations scattered around the United Kingdom. The southern most part of the park, however, will remain intact. It will be used for future festivals and events and will include cafes, markets, and gardens.

A schedule for the Olympic Games can be found by clicking here.